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Important Schedule Information:
The CMC will resume our regular schedule on Monday 3/23/15.

Our schedule has been expanded to include: Saturday and Sunday
Open Lab 11am-6pm.

More Info: CMC 2015 Spring Semester Schedule

Important Digital Equipment Checkout Information:
The CMC has expanded access to Digital Equipment Checkout
More Info: CMC Digital Equipment Checkout Services



The Creative Media Center offers access to cutting-edge digital technology for ALL Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design students. The CMC offers proctored access to Macintosh computer workstations configured with an array of
software applications during scheduled classes and posted Open Lab times.

Macintosh Computer systems within the CMC are configured to provide students with access to specialized input and output devices for use with print media, digital photography, sound-driven compositions, as well as digital video projects.

Epson 4000 Pro

Students can also purchase quality Red River Brand inkjet papers at the CMC. Please Note*: There is a limit of (8) sheets per day at the discounted price for graphic design students.

$2.00 per 13" x 19" 60lb Single-sided RedRiver Polar Matt (*$1.00 for students currently enrolled in graphic design courses.)

$2.50 per 13" x 19" 66lb Single-sided RedRiver Arctic Polar Satin (*$1.50 for students currently enrolled in graphic design courses.)

$3.00 per 13" x 19" 75lb Single-sided RedRiver Arctic Polar Luster (*$2.25 for students currently enrolled in graphic design courses.)

HC46 P4 GL2 XHA1s

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